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Posted on: September 10, 2009 12:41 pm

A trade that could work

 have seen a lot of crazy trades on message boards and it got me thinking about what trades could work. Right away lets rule out Soriano. He's 35 and signed for 5 more years at $17.5. Also he's from Cuba so how old is Soriano really 38, 40, 42? Bradley isn't going anywhere either. Our "young guys" Fox and Hoffpauir are in their late 20s so there won't be much market for them. Zambrano could go but I don't see that happening with our lack of pitching depth. One thing we have to realise that our cupboards are pretty bare. We don;t exactly have a lot of help in the minors. Taking this into account along with our bounty of overpriced players only one trade makes sense to me. One trade gets salary off the board, and will get us a few quality prospects in return. Most of Cubs Nation will hate me like I called him Ray Santo after they read my proposal. Aramis Ramirez. He is due 16.5 million next year and unlike our other guys he actually earns it. He's about to enter the peak of his career and several teams like the Angels still crave Aramis.  I could see us getting 3,4 solid players in exchange for a career .285 hitter with 261 home runs. And he plays pretty good defense on the hot corner. This would also solve the problem of where to put Fox. Yeah it wouldn't be the same but it would be for the greater good of the team. We all need to face that the only way we will get better is through trades. Ricketts will not be spending a lot of money this year. He took out a loan to buy the team. His loan payments are gonna be $20 million a year. Average Cubs profit the last few years is $30 million. I don't see him getting anymore in debt especially with all the dead weight contracts we have already. So trades are the only way we can improve. Th eonly other guy I could see us trading is Ted Lilly. I would hate to do that though since he has been so consistent. It would save us another $10 million though and get us a couple more prospects. We have $118 million commited to only 10 players for next year. So let's shake things up and build for the future. Lets be honest 2010 isn't looking any better. We need changes and younger players. WHat do you guys think is there any other desirable players that other teams would want?
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