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Posted on: October 5, 2009 5:39 pm

A Strange New Feeling

So Sunday for the first time in my life I was able to wear something I had never worn before. A Chicago Bears jersey featuring a QB. And no I am not talking about when Hester lines up at QB in the wILdcat (yes typo police the IL is capitolized for Illinois). A real Bears QB jersey. Thank you Jay Cutler. You are everything I thought you would be. You make everyone around you better. In my life I have had a few good Bears qb's. I was a big Tomczak fan. I loved Harbaugh. McMahon helped get us a ring. Eric Kramer gave us our first big arm. Jim Miller's only problem was staying healthy. Orton was a blue collar guy through and through and I loved him from the moment they posted pictures of him chugging Jack Daniels straight from the bottle. Yet as much as I loved these guys I never felt the need to brag that they were my quarterback. But after 3 games with Cutler and needing a new home jersey I went with Cutler. He has earned my respect especially after bouncing back after the Packers game. His arm strength is amazing and he makes plays. I put up with a lot over the years from Shane Stenstrom, Danny Weurfell, Moses Moreno to Sexy Rexy but going through all that makes Cutler even better. And as weird as it was to have a single digit on a Bears jersey I got used to it.  In Jay we trust!
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