Posted on: July 7, 2010 5:15 pm
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I will hate you forever Dwayne Wade

Since this is on CBS I won't be able to use the language I want but that's okay. F' D Wade, F' Chris Bosh. They have led the media on for a few days now before deciding on Miami. All along Wade has said that he wanted to spend more time with his kids, win another championship, go with the team with the most pieces in place. But then he goes and does the exact opposite. He went with the money and no state income tax. To me he used the Bulls to get Miami to spend more money. I had always admired his game but this is a slap in the face to this loyal Bulls fan. Bosh was gonna go wherever Wade went so he gets a lesser F you but still.
I would also like to direct some anger towards the Bulls. What was the point of trading our best defender, a guy that plays both guard spots, and a team leader for nothing? Oh yeah and giving up a first round pick too was a great idea. This is the second time in the past decade when they struck out on big free agents. In 2000 Tim Duncan, Grant Hill, and Tracy McGrady all said no to the Bulls. This time around it looks like another big three James, Bosh, and Wade all have said no too. I hope Miami continues their losing ways and never wins another title. And from the looks of it the Bulls might not either. They should have listened to me. Keep the team together. Keep Salmons or Hinrich, draft a shooting guard, sign Carlos Boozer. And the team would have been winners for a long time. I've ranted enough but for the record F' Wade and F Bosh.

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Posted on: June 10, 2010 11:23 am

One championship missing from my mantle.

In my lifetime I have seen almost all my teams win a championship. The Bears did it in 86. Notre Dame did it in 88. The Bulls did it 6 times between 90-98. The Blackhawks did it last night. Now the only one eluding me is a Cubs championship. The one might be the hardest and most bitter sweet. I admit that the Bulls championships spoiled me. I expected to win everytime I heard Ray Clay announce from North Carolina in the starting lineup. The Bears were just flat out dominant in the 85 season so that one was expected too. Notre Dame was a juggernaut and had to win that title. Especially after being disrespected by the convicts at the U. This past Blackhawks season had many highs and lows but in the end they were the best team on the ice. Hats off to Philly for never giving up. The one championship missing from my mantle is a Cubs championship. This championship would be insane. I've had near misses in 84, 88, 98, 2003 (still hurts), 2007, 2008. Everytime the Cubs make the playoffs I get hopefull only to be crushed. This year probably won't be the year but I will wait for next year. Like the Flyers I will never give up. I need that trophy on my mantle.
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Posted on: February 2, 2010 10:59 am

Sweet justice

On December 20, 2005 Johnny Damon told the Boston Red Sox thanks but money was more important than being loyal. And to make matters worse he signed with Boston's arch rival. He not only stabbed every Red Sox fan in the back but he twisted it and poured salt on the wound. Flash to present day when Johnny Damon is complaing that the Yankees are not interested in resigning him. He is mad that they don't want to pay him $13 million to be a backup outfielder. He sites that he has been on the team since 2005. He claims he wants to come back but only with a four year deal. He doesn't seem to understand that when the Yankees signed Randy Wynn that his time with the Yankees is done. I just find the irony delicious. Damon is asking the Yankees to be loyal but he doesn't know the meaning of loyalty. I admire the Yankees for standing firm. Of course its surprising to see that Damon is a Scott Boras client. Loyalty to Boras means $$$$$. And for once the Yankees aren't overpaying for a player.
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Posted on: November 3, 2009 10:19 am


So in my work fantasy football league on yahoo I have a huge dilemma. I have both Jay Cutler and Kyle Orton. Lately Cutler has been killing me with turnovers. As of right now Cutler has 105.28 points for the year and Orton has 107.08. I am currently fourth in my league and on pace to make the playoffs and hopefully from there repeating as champion. Now I am not going to make the change this week since Denver is playing Pittsburgh but I am considering it going forward. So this is my question is going forward with Kyle the safer bet or should I keep hoping that Cutler has a huge game? I have completely put my Bears fanhood and my respect for Kyle out of the equation. One thing I have considered is that Ron Turner is the worst offensive coordinator since Josh Shoop.
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Posted on: October 5, 2009 5:39 pm

A Strange New Feeling

So Sunday for the first time in my life I was able to wear something I had never worn before. A Chicago Bears jersey featuring a QB. And no I am not talking about when Hester lines up at QB in the wILdcat (yes typo police the IL is capitolized for Illinois). A real Bears QB jersey. Thank you Jay Cutler. You are everything I thought you would be. You make everyone around you better. In my life I have had a few good Bears qb's. I was a big Tomczak fan. I loved Harbaugh. McMahon helped get us a ring. Eric Kramer gave us our first big arm. Jim Miller's only problem was staying healthy. Orton was a blue collar guy through and through and I loved him from the moment they posted pictures of him chugging Jack Daniels straight from the bottle. Yet as much as I loved these guys I never felt the need to brag that they were my quarterback. But after 3 games with Cutler and needing a new home jersey I went with Cutler. He has earned my respect especially after bouncing back after the Packers game. His arm strength is amazing and he makes plays. I put up with a lot over the years from Shane Stenstrom, Danny Weurfell, Moses Moreno to Sexy Rexy but going through all that makes Cutler even better. And as weird as it was to have a single digit on a Bears jersey I got used to it.  In Jay we trust!
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Posted on: September 10, 2009 12:41 pm

A trade that could work

 have seen a lot of crazy trades on message boards and it got me thinking about what trades could work. Right away lets rule out Soriano. He's 35 and signed for 5 more years at $17.5. Also he's from Cuba so how old is Soriano really 38, 40, 42? Bradley isn't going anywhere either. Our "young guys" Fox and Hoffpauir are in their late 20s so there won't be much market for them. Zambrano could go but I don't see that happening with our lack of pitching depth. One thing we have to realise that our cupboards are pretty bare. We don;t exactly have a lot of help in the minors. Taking this into account along with our bounty of overpriced players only one trade makes sense to me. One trade gets salary off the board, and will get us a few quality prospects in return. Most of Cubs Nation will hate me like I called him Ray Santo after they read my proposal. Aramis Ramirez. He is due 16.5 million next year and unlike our other guys he actually earns it. He's about to enter the peak of his career and several teams like the Angels still crave Aramis.  I could see us getting 3,4 solid players in exchange for a career .285 hitter with 261 home runs. And he plays pretty good defense on the hot corner. This would also solve the problem of where to put Fox. Yeah it wouldn't be the same but it would be for the greater good of the team. We all need to face that the only way we will get better is through trades. Ricketts will not be spending a lot of money this year. He took out a loan to buy the team. His loan payments are gonna be $20 million a year. Average Cubs profit the last few years is $30 million. I don't see him getting anymore in debt especially with all the dead weight contracts we have already. So trades are the only way we can improve. Th eonly other guy I could see us trading is Ted Lilly. I would hate to do that though since he has been so consistent. It would save us another $10 million though and get us a couple more prospects. We have $118 million commited to only 10 players for next year. So let's shake things up and build for the future. Lets be honest 2010 isn't looking any better. We need changes and younger players. WHat do you guys think is there any other desirable players that other teams would want?
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Every Cubs game I have gone to over the last 3 years (minus playoff games) the Cubs have won. I noticed this phenomenon on Friday. ABout the 8th inning I kept telling my friends to relax because we would win. Then Saturdays game I skipped and we got killed. But Sunday's game I went to and we killed. Then I thought back to April 28. Cubs won 11-3. And that was the only game I went to that series. The other two games the Cubs got killed. July 23, 2008 Cubs win 10-6. Once againt he only game of the series I attended. And well the Cubs lost the other two games. June 20-22 2008. I attend all three Cubs-Sox games and the Cubs sweep. The following weekend which I did not attend the Sox swept the Cubs.  August 24 2007 Cubs win 6-2. I attend this game but not the following two. The Cubs lose the remaining games in the series. August 10, 2007 I am in Denver for a convention and go see the Cubs beat the Rockies 6-2. May 26, 2007 I go see the Cubs in LA, they win 4-2. The game before and after they lose. May 18-19 I watch the Cubs beat the Sox 6-3, 11-6. I had an early flight and could not attend the Sunday game which the Cubs lost. So there you have it since 2007 every regular season Cubs game which I attended we have won. I wish I could attend every game but I like it better this way. Some of my friends call it genius, some say its dumb luck, some say its a fluke. All I can is that the Cubs win games when I am there.
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Posted on: February 17, 2009 1:58 pm

So long Mike Brown

Yesterday the Bears announced they were releasing Mike Brown. This is the saddest the Bears have made me since they fired Ditka. I know people are gonna say that he was injury prone. But that doesn't matter. In his 9 seasons Mike Brown has 415 tackles, 5 sacks, 17 interceptions, and 4 tds. But that doesn't matter. What does matter is the leader Mike Brown was on the field. Some poeple say Urlacher is the leader of the D but they are wrong. Even Urlacher said Mike Brown leads the D. It was he who would tell players if they were lined up wrong. It was he who would get after a player is they were being sloppy. It was he that we so often looked to for a big play. Mike Brown played harder than anybody on the field. He should have played on the 85 team thats where he belonged. He left nothing on the field. I will always remember the Arizona Monday Night game. It was Mike Brown that turned things around that game. ANderson forced the fumble and Brown raced it in for the TD. He deserved better than this. This may be Angelo's biggest mistake. And considering Angelo thats a pretty big deal

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